these late afternoon hours..

have you noticed when the evening starts falling, just before lights go down and dark reigns, there is a time space when everything goes sweet and slow, a little blur, a little blues tune like..maybe because people come back from work, the whole day’s tiring melts slowly with the relief of one more day we managed, and, let’s stop to take a breath, or a drink, or just a glimpse..of the sky..where the colors are making the everyday god’s masterpiece and people carry on..whenever i am, these hours, it’s the same, same old feeling..all my a big city, in a small town, on a mountain, in a little village, in a train, in a plane, on a stairway, in an underground station..when i was six years old, when i was twenty, same feeling..something like..sweet surrender..a deep look inside me..a different look around..a melancholy..a blues note..just before the nights jazz..i love these hours..i don’t know about you..i ‘ve always loved them..i don’t know if i gave the right feeling..but i will sure try..again and again..that what’s life all about, no? trying and trying some more..and then again, try some


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