hide and seek..

A story about a game of hide-and-seek..

The Madness of Love

One day, in a faraway place, there gathered all the emotions and principles of Man.
Madness, who was sorry for Boredom, suggested they play a game of hide-and-seek.
Interest raised its brow and waited to listen about the game,
while Curiosity, who could not wait, asked: ‘What is hide-and-seek?’
Enthusiasm started dancing with Euphoria, and Joy started hoping around as well,
trying to convince Doubt and Apathy to play as well.
Yet, there were many who did not want to play.
Cowardice did not want to risk, Arrogance thought the game to be stupid,
and Truth did not want to play because she knew that at some point she would be revealed anyway.
‘One…Two..Three..’ Madness started counting, and the game began.
The first to hide under a tree was Laziness.
Faith flew high in the skies, while Jealousy went to hide under the shadow of Triumph, who, with his might, managed to climb up on the highest rock.
Altruism could not hide, because every place he found, he gave to someone else,
the same as Generosity, who offered he hiding places to others.
Egoism, on the other hand, found a good hiding place, ignoring everyone around,
while behind his back ran Betrayal.
Hypocricy and Lie went to hide in the bottom of the ocean,
while Desire and Passion were hidden in a volcano.
Love found all the hidding places occupied, until he found a bush of rosebuds and hid there.
‘…1000’ counted Madness, and started seeking.
The first she found was Laziness, who had fallen asleep close by.
Then she found Faith, who was talking loudly with God, up in the skies.
She felt the shake of Passion and Desire from the depths of the volcano,
and after she found Jealousy, it was not hard for her to find Triumph as well,
who was triumphantly praising his hiding place.
Of course, she found even more easily Doubt, who had not yet decided where to hide.
Generosity revealed herself in order to help in seeking,
and Altruism thought the same and revealed himself by her side.
In the meanwhile Betrayal went to give away Egoism, and was revealed with him.
One by one, Madness found them all, except Love.
She searched high and low and in every dimension,
and when almost ready to give up, she saw a bushel of rosebuds,
she started kicking it because of her anger, and then a groan of pain was heard.
It was Love, whom the thorns of the rosebud bushel had made blind…
Madness was anguished and did not know how to make amends.
She was crying and begging for forgiveness.
In the end, not being able to give Love his sight back,
she swore to be his guide.
And from that time onwards, Love is blind, and Madness is always accompanying him…


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